Nick Black is no “Filler”

Soulful pop singer/songwriter Nick Black releases new single “Filler”, a collaboration with Memphis hip hop artist Daz Rinko. The song “explores the two sides of the grass being greener on the other side. On one hand, we all believe that we’re meant for and deserve good and greater things. But that can also be a complete trap: you look ahead so far in the future that you miss the things around you. So filler is a reminder to keep a balance in your life.” confides Nick Black.  “Filler” is an honest rumination of a relationship that is just a space holder for something better, this isn’t a great thing to do but Nick Black understands it happens all too much. “Filler” features Black’s velvety smooth vocals coupled with luscious melodies and a funky pop delivery. The song is ushered in with a catchy downtempo guitar riff but soon explodes into a vivacious and energetic chorus. Daz Rinko adds an effortlessly rap flow to the charismatic track.

Nick Black is an artist on the rise based in Memphis, TN. Crafting music since he was a child and performing at churches, local festivals and venues alike at an early age, the artist has become a dynamic and impressive live entertainer. With more music on the horizon, we can’t wait to hear what is next from this exciting new artist.

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