Snailmate shares invigorating new single “It’s Coming Back!”

Snailmate is Phoenix based musicians Kalen Lander and Bentley Monet. Together, the dynamic twosome create raw and unpolished garage rock meets synth pop that touches fans across the globe. Their latest single is called “It’s Coming Back!” and details how nostalgia and looking back at the past is not always a good thing. Sometimes we need to move forward and our past is not a happy memory, Snailmate explores this concept in their new explosive punk synth track. “It’s Coming Back!” features delicious synths, Beastie Boys’ inspired rhymes and elevated frenetic drum beats. The song is an anthem for all the misfits out there.

Snailmate was formed in 2015 and began releasing their vivacious genre-fluid music in 2017. Since then the two have performed over a thousand high energy shows. “It’s Coming Back!” is off of their upcoming full length album Stress Sandwich set for release later this year.


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