Jenny JAM deals with loss in “My Letter To You”

London born and Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Jenny JAM has just unveiled her latest riveting new single. The track is called “My Letter To You” and it details a painful true story of Jenny JAM writing a “response to an unexpected, hurtful letter sent by my late father, before he passed away from lung cancer in 2014. I wrote to him from London (where I was living at the time) but he died before he was able to properly read it and I never heard back,” she confides. The song thrills with evocative vocals full of deep emotional trauma and cathartic soundscapes.

Jenny JAM creates music that encourages listeners to be themselves. Her deeply raw and candid narratives touch listeners around the globe. JAM’s soulful vocals highlight decadent melodies and ear-pleasing musical landscapes. Always a creator, the artist has further partnered on an upcoming NFT with Tyquane Wright set to be unveiled during NFT week in NYC.

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