Summy entices with “Said It After” new single and visuals

A fantastical journey is one way to describe Los Angeles based artist/creator Summy and her music and accompanying visuals. Her latest unveiling is the spellbinding new single “Said It After”. On the influence of the new pop tune Summy confides, “this is a song about being in love with someone whose words can put you into a deep trance by saying all the things you want to hear. Only to realize that it was all a cover up for their demons and battles that were placed on you and ultimately, broke you. So when their words come out again, they mean nothing anymore because they ‘Said It After’ struck the heart for the last time.” With velvety smooth vocals full of depth and emption Summy sings gliding seductive melodies. “Said It After” is a warm plea to forget lost love, a stunning downtempo electronic pop release.

In the accompanying visuals, Summy has built a whimsical world full of fairies enjoying a supernatural tea party, an alluring visual backdrop for her effervescent musical release. Summy uses her music to connect with people from around the world, sharing her stories of overcoming mental health struggles. Take a listen to Summy now and get lost in her thrilling world.

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