KiKi Holli shares pop rock single “NEW HIGH”

Singer/songwriter KiKi Holli has just released her first original song. Called “NEW HIGH”, the single is an irresistible soul-drenched track all about simple pleasures. The song follows her successful cover of “More Than This” shared last night.

KiKi confides, “the music was inspired by long trips down the coast from Highway 10 to the PCH, a trip I take often with my husband. It helps me find my center again to see and sit by the ocean. It’s my happy place. I think that ‘NEW HIGH’ is a good song for all of us, transitioning out of our houses and from looking at each other through screens. That separation really does a number on your brain. ‘NEW HIGH’ is saying that we’re going to be all right, we’re making it through and coming out stronger.” With blissful warm melodies over soft rock landscapes and thumping basslines, “NEW HIGH” is a welcome unique sonic embrace when much of commercial music sounds the same.

Originally from Pittsburg, PA, the now Los Angeles based artist plans to release much more music soon. Taking influence from her theater background as well as iconic artists including Prince, Dusty Springfield and Stevie Nicks, KiKi fuses a variety of musical stylings for an enticing blend.


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