Guyville share indie rock tune “Boys + Girls W Guitars”

Southern California duo Guyville have crafted the perfect song for any musician. Entitled “Boys + Girls W Guitars” the song follows their anti-Valentines single “Should Have Never Dated” released earlier this year.

“Boys + Girls W Guitars” is a highly relatable indie rock banger all about lusting and hooking up with someone you know who is bad for you just because they are talented. For the girls of Guyville, that was often times a talented musician. Kat Hamilton of the band shares, “I think it’s easy in the music world to confuse admiration with attraction.” With bright guitar riffs, charismatic melodies and DIY production full of grit, “Boys + Guitars W Guitars” is a wickedly fun and honest track full of fervor.

Guyville is composed of rock singer/songwriters Kat Hamilton and Emily Hulslander who met and bonded over their love of 90’s rock artists including the music of Liz Phair. Together they craft confessional indie rock singles full of catchy layered melodies.


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