MYKA drops bittersweet anthem “american kids”

MYKA draws us into a saccharine collection of core memories that haunt his childhood neighborhood on his melancholy new release “american kids”. The lyric video for the song combines landscapes of kiddie pools and rollercoasters, high school homecomings and best friend basements through the lens of a VHS tape that mimics the effect of a mirror into the past. With effervescent echos of synth, ghostly vocals, and woozy basslines, “american kids” tugs at the unconscious child within us all. 

MYKA is a Greensboro, North Carolina native who now lives in LA. He redefines his deep American roots as a contemporary collection of corporeal moments that make him human. His latest single is an intimate autobiographical lens into the past, showcasing his intelligence for pairing emotion with serendipitous production.

Check out MYKA’s new single “american kids” here:

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