Watch The Official Music Video For “House on The Lake” by BossMade Joel | @Joel1Ox

Press play on new music from rising Ohio artist BossMade Joel titled “House On The Lake” now available on YouTube, Apple Music, and more. Produced by sleepyzak, BossMade Joel drops a unique melodic drill anthem perfectly timed for summer.

When asked about his music and message BossMade Joel had this to say: “Regardless if you’ve lost a friend, family, your job, couldn’t pay rent, or just committed crimes my music is to unify emotion and not categorize it by way of life or tone of skin. Feelings are feelings and I want all people from every demographic to be able to relate in one way or another I want my music to unify people all over the world because they share common life issues and not only issues but gems as in how to move, not instruction but guidance on morality. If there are small hints of violence it’s in no way to promote it but to show how I myself am overcoming trauma and a testimony to God’s grace with my hard work and discipline. I make music for those who love a refreshingly unique sound with real content in every single line, lyrics that can go unnoticed sometimes with my style but jewels to life in them.”

Be sure to press play on House By The Lake by BossMade Joel and follow him on Instagram for new updates.


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