Timur Releases a Second Chapter in Her Teenage Pop Saga on New Release “Sabotage”

Malaysian-Swiss pop sensation Timur Flores follows up her electric debut single “Not a Criminal” (gaining more than 500,000 views on youtube) with a darkly romantic second chapter on her new release “Sabotage.” Signed with Malaysian label KRU Music, Timur releases her high-energy pop anthems in English, Mandarin, and Malay, appealing to expectant audiences across the globe. 

Timur uses her background as a classically trained vocalist (studied under Datuk M. Syafinaz) to explore an impressive range, take risks, and embrace her playful upbeat energy on her latest single “Sabotage.” Directed by Datuk Yusry Abdul, the music video for “Sabotage” follows Timur as she navigates the emotional peaks and valleys of a budding high school relationship. “Sabotage” features visceral teenage power dynamics best portrayed through the climactic cheerleader dance battle. Timur leans into the paranoid thematic influence by capturing notes passed in the classroom, shared glances in the high school hallways, and quiet whispers between classmates. What begins as something innocent soon devolves into a full fledged “sabotage.” Timur and her young love interest are later pictured jetting down the highway on a sleek, black motorcycle, sharing a bottle of wine over a dim lit dinner, and soon enough, becoming subjects in a criminal investigation. Her love interest blindsides her as the detective in the investigation and the music video cryptically concludes with Timur being identified as the lead suspect. “Sabotage” embraces the intense, whirlwind depths of teenage emotion to convey the gravity of Timur’s toxic saga. 

Timur’s first single “Not a Criminal” was released last April and garnered more than 500,000 views on youtube with extreme success in the United States, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Now signed with KRU Music, Timur released her second single “Sabotage” as a second chapter to her complex narrative. 

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