Genre-bending UK Artist Theo Ogundipe Shares ‘Plato Freestyle’

Top Boy star and rising artist Theo Ogundipe returns with his eclectic and raw new single ‘Plato Freestyle’.

Theo Ogundipe was born in Nigeria and raised in the United Kingdom, where he currently resides.Theo’s music is an eclectic fusion of several genres including soul, hip-hop, indie and RnB. It is inspired by his life growing up in the diaspora. His description of his sound is “a smooth lyrical blend of in the box production with 70’s soul”

Following on from his self-produced project ‘Reworks’ which garnered widespread support from online publications, radio stations and playlists, Theo is now ready to unveil his latest project ‘Plato Freestyle’. A musical philosopher in the making, the new single demonstrates Theo’s ability to create vivid imagery through his poetic and thoughtful lyrics. A frank vocal delivery and punchy beats are beautifully contrasted with heavenly choral synths, which further enhance the song’s impact.

When speaking about the meaning behind the new track, Theo shared, “It’s a declaration of intent, purpose and autonomy.” Reflecting on tragic world events such as the murder of George Floyd, Theo felt inspired to write a vulnerable expression of will and intent.

The release of ‘Plato Freestyle’ will shortly be followed by the accompanying official music video, which will be released on October 3rd. This track is the first taste of Theo’s self produced debut EP ‘IN TRANSIT’, which will be released in the not too distant future. 


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