Konquest’s “Paranormal Raptivity” Serves Halloween Hip-Hop Horror All in One

Konquest fuses Halloween horror with gritty hip-hop on his latest album in celebration of the season, Paranormal Raptivity. The album pays homage to horror movie franchises such as Halloween, the Purge, Friday the Thirteenth, and Nightmare on Elm Street as Konquest blends gothic gore and freakish fright on his latest album. 

The accompanying video track of Paranormal Raptivity is Konquest’s intense, maniacal rap anthem “Night Time.” The music video for “Night Time” was filmed at All Saints Lunatic Asylum, an actual haunted attraction in Apple Valley, California. “Night Time” samples Tiny Tim’s “Livin’ In The Sunlight, Lovin’ In The Moonlight’” through a frightening ukulele introduction. Konquest collaborates with Toka Hyrule, The MDz, Kae Franks, and Smoke on Paranormal Raptivity to overload the album with personality and power. Tracks such as “Slasher”, “Poltergeist 1982”, and “Purge” zero in on cult classics and niche genres to highlight Konquest’s dedicated research and true infatuation with horror movies. 

Konquest grew up in Inglewood, California and began his music career by producing mixtapes, singles, and albums which circulated throughout the underground scene. He was an avid participant in freestyle battles and is proud to take his career to new heights through this new album. Konquest has always dreamed of writing music inspired by the movies that keep him up at night and Paranormal Raptivity is his first concept album dedicated to his dark interest.

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