Matt Koelsch shares a warning to the “Part Time Lover”

Southern California via New England singer/songwriter Matt Koelsch has just shared his latest single and music video. The musician and prolific touring artist has received support from Huffington Post and Paste to name a couple and he is known for his deeply infectious sonic fusion. 

In “Part Time Lover” Matt is a mischievous villain who is named Romeo. The want to be player spends his days at his Spanish-villa pool in the Hollywood Hills entertaining guests who are mostly women. Matt confides on the release, “caught in a systematic loop, Romeo is in search of love, although he has taken a broken approach to romance. We see Romeo cycle through various scenarios – what he discovers along the way comes as a surprise.”  “Part Time Lover” showcases driving piano chords under radiating horns and thrilling melodies. 

“Part Time Lover” is off of Matt Koelsch’s upcoming EP released via Turbulent Records. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next from Matt Koelsch. 

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