French Horn Rebellion team up with Stalking Gia and Cimafunk for “Ya Llegué”

NY based DJ, musician and producer duo French Horn Rebellion have just returned with their first single in over three years. Called “Ya Llegué”, the song is an upbeat dance track sung in both Spanish (by Cimafunk) and English (by Stalking Gia).

“Ya Llegué” is an alluring number all about seducing your interest, most specifically on the dance floor. Afro-Cuban funk sensation Cimafunk thrills with his vocal delivery while Stalking Gia brings a new dimension with her soulful singing. Electronic dipped soundscapes with thumping bass and funk fueled guitars make “Ya Llegué” a damn good time. 

With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next from French Horn Rebellion off of their label Toucan Sounds. 


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