Snailmate shares “Trash, Baby” new music video and single release

Phoenix duo Snailmate shares their thrilling new single and music video. Called “Trash, Baby”, the song is an invigorating synthpunk, grindcore pop and nerd rap fusion! 

“Trash, Baby” is all about overcoming those terrible negative voices in your head. Often these voices stop us from being ourselves and live a life of freedom and Snailmate discusses how important it is to embrace our true selves. The band confides, “The message of our music is that you’re not alone. If you’re feeling anxious or sad or just uncertain, we understand. We are feeling it too. Life is short and weird and sometimes crappy, so let’s have some fun.”  

Snailmate can often be found touring the country playing their high intensity and genre-defying show unapologetically. Check out “Trash, Baby” now and follow the band on their social media to keep up to date with them. 

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