Brooklyn-Based Collaboration Redefines the Limits of Genre on “Papajam”

“Papajam” is an electric, enthralling dance track created by three of Brooklyn’s most riveting musicians. The song combines underground dance icon and acclaimed DJ Haruka Salt, bilingual hip-hop sensation Bohan Phoenix, and esteemed producer Tony G for a collective powerhouse of impactful sonics. 

Bohan Phoenix uses both Mandarin and English lyrics throughout “Papajam” to represent the confluence of his identity as a Chinese-American artist. The lyrics feature shoutouts to Haruka Salt and Tony G, celebrating the dynamic collaboration at the forefront of the track. Haruka Salt combines cutting edge, innovative sonics with heavyset house resemblant beats to give “Papajam” a genre-fluid and original sound. Written as an abstract, subconscious anthem, the track rejects form and allows each artist to take stylistic risks and experiment with sonic limits. “Papajam” offers a refreshing and bombastic composite that could only come about from the minds of these three Brooklyn-based artists. 

Bohan Phoenix moved from China to New York after graduating from high school to pursue music. Haruka Salt also came to New York from Japan where she quickly became an influential DJ and in demand artist. After debuting at Brooklyn’s Mood Ring, “Papajam” is sure to ignite the dance scene and encourage collaboration between artists everywhere.


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