Michael Dean reflects on lost love in new single and video for “Roller Coaster”

Los Angeles-based emerging artist Michael Dean just released his latest single and video for “Roller Coaster”. The song is a raw and emotional portrayal of the pain and disappointment that comes with loving and losing. Dean’s emotive vocals glide over the track as he reflects on the memories and moments that once brought him happiness, but now only serve as a reminder of what could have been. The lyrics are achingly honest and relatable, capturing the feeling of being stuck in a love that’s both beautiful and destructive. “Roller Coaster” is a sad but powerful pop song that will resonate with anyone who has ever loved and lost.

Emerging pop artist Michael Dean, also known as Dean Michael Martinez, is poised to make his mark in the music industry.  Michael’s unique sound and versatility have led him to the brink of success with his upcoming album Top Gun set to release this year. Michael’s passion for music began at a young age of 9 and was shaped by the influence of hip-hop and rock icons. In late 2018, he was signed as a hip-hop artist to Money Hogg Gang’s subsidiary label, Cash Money, under Compton Menace. Now working under Boss Republic Records, with Kavon Jacobs as A&R, Michael Dean is building excitement for the release of his debut pop album.


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