Marc 2Ray prepares for an exciting 2023 campaign with “Tik Tok Tik”

Marc 2Ray’s latest single, “Tik Tok Tik” highlights the stark difference between creating quality content versus chasing clout. Calling back to one of Hip Hop’s most iconic choruses, Marc flips the meaning to illustrate how impactful messaging provides longevity, but the clock is ticking on songs that ride a fad. The DC-based emcee flexes his lyrical capabilities with complex wordplay and sharp delivery. Drawing inspiration from his background as an educator (with several of his songs being used in schools), Marc hints at how Hip Hop can be a powerful tool to empower.

“Tik Tok Tik” is Marc 2Ray’s first single release with rising NY independent record label Swaggertown Records. It was produced by LOZ BEATZ, composed of Sonny “Ghost” Tran and Eric “eGogh” Erusiafe. It was mixed by the legendary Chris ‘Von Pimpenstein’ Carter and was mastered by Chris Gehringer. Marc and LOZ BEATZ are preparing to drop a full project together in 2023. Make sure you’re keeping up with Marc on Instagram and checking his music out across platforms.


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