Star2 drops new single “6 Ft. Away” ft. $tupid Young

Star2 and $tupid Young just collaborated on the all new track “6 Ft. Away”. Both rappers are Asian-Americans who narrate their journey from a troubled past to a life of fame and wealth through their music. “6 Ft. Away” features the two artists documenting their rise to stardom and the haunting presence of their past success. The song highlights how fame has changed people’s perception of them and their yearning for genuine connections.

“6 Ft. Away” is a captivating musical experience with pulsating rhythmics and heavy bass beats. The lyrics, “Everybody says they love me now because of my fame and money, better stay away from me, or better yet, 6 ft. away from me,” reflect the duo’s realization of fake relationships surrounding fame.

Star2 has collaborated with notable artists such as Mozzy, Soulja Boy, and Luh Kel just to name a few. Star2 reached out to $tupid Young very early in his singing/rap career. $tupid Young, an icon in the Asian music community – the first to pave the way for Asian artists in the rap and hip hop lane. $tupid Young’s parents experienced refugee camps after fleeing the Killing Fields and Khmer Rouge in Cambodia; Star2 was born in Mae La refugee camp in Thailand after his family fled the brutal Burmese Army committing genocide and targeting Star2’s ethnic mountain tribe –the Ka-ren of Burma.

“I want more Asian artists to win,” says $tupid Young. “I am forever grateful to $tupid Young,” Star2 reflects, “he is a legend and incredibly generous with his time and direction.”


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