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First Day Feature: New Orleans own La’juu shares his inspirations, plans for his music and more

The city of New Orleans is synonymous with music, not only by way of its most notorious form in Jazz, but several other genres. From country, to hip-hop, R&B and even the ever-present Bounce culture, the city has always been a hotbed for talent. The sheer amount of flavor the city possesses shines brightly in every person you’d ever met from the Louisiana hotbed and that carries to its artists.

One person aiming to help push New Orleans forward is La’juu. The rapper pushes the boundaries of what you may expect from the city’s hip-hop scene with an experimental sound that knows no boundary. As he continues his ascent, we sat down with the MC to learn more about his inspirations and more:

Where are you from, and what is your stage name?

My name is La’juu and I’m from New Orleans.

What do you want or need people to know about you as a person and as an artist?

I want people to know that I’m not a regular artist, that they can expect different sounds and flows with every song.

Who are your influences as an artist?

My influences as an artist are G Herbo, Lil Wayne, D. Savage, and Lil Poppa.

Did you have any heroes or role models growing up?

My biggest hero growing up was Lil Wayne. He showed me there was more to life than being in New Orleans.

How long have you been doing music?

I have been taking music seriously for 3 months now.

What’s your favorite song by you so far?

My favorite song by me so far is Creep (leave your man).

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

In 3 years, I see myself doing world tours.

Who is your dream feature to be on a song with?

My dream feature would be with Key Glock.

What artists would you want to tour with if you could hit the road with anyone?

I would want to tour with Wiz khalifa or Snoop Dogg, for obvious reasons.

What makes you different from the run of the mill artist we are typically introduced to?

What makes me different is that I’m not scared to step outside my comfort zone and try new things within my music.

What’s your favorite city you have visited?

My favorite city I’ve visited so far is Atlanta.

What do you want your fans to stand on? What is your brand? When people think of you, what will they connect with?

What I want my fans to stand on is taking risks. If there is something that they want to do in life, take all the risks that are beneficial to their dream. Being scared or hesitating to get things done will only set them back from what they want to do.


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