Rock band Lipstereo shines with “Little Spaceships”

Australian dynamic four-piece Lipstereo have unleashed a fun garage rock banger. Called “Little Spaceships”, the single is off of their EP Modern Mythology.

“Little Spaceships” is about those difficult feelings of nostalgia and connection. When people move on from our lives and friendships are lost because of time passing, it can be hard to deal with. The rock group details just that in their single that entices with infectious melodies, upbeat drums and crisp reverb-drenched guitars. The band is bringing back much loved and needed rock n’ roll to the masses.

Lipstereo blends pop, rock and punk for a ferocious and vivacious listen. The band formed in 2019 over their shared love of bands including The Strokes, Arctic Monkey’s, Weezer and more. Composed of frontman Sam Stranges on vocals and rhythm guitar, Andrew Stainsby on lead guitar, Tage Hosking-Gregory on bass and Jesse Porter on drums, the four-piece are known for their thrilling live shows and emotive rock releases.


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