Cookiee Kawaii drops sensual “Let Me Rock” featuring Rocky Snyda

Jersey Club artist and social media icon Cookiee Kawaii just dropped “Let Me Rock” featuring Rocky Snyda.

“Let Me Rock” is a sonic tease with a whirlwind rap sequence that gets your heart racing, only to be met with a slow and syrupy chorus drenched in sensual beats. It’s a club anthem that takes you on a rollercoaster, speeding up with euphoria at one moment and coming down in an enchanted glow at the next. Cookiee Kawaii sings, “Take it slow girl, let me take my time tonight.” Inspired by both R&B and Jersey club, “Let Me Rock” appeals to all parties and is sure to entice the ear.

Cookiee Kawaii became known outside of New Jersey with the jittering, mattress-squeaking club track “Vibe” which went viral in 2019 and became even more popular the next year with TikTok users. Unrestricted by genre, the vocalist’s stylistic range cuts across Jersey-club, R&B, and rap. The daughter of house DJs, Vanice Palmer was born into music and has been recording since the early 2010s. After she adopted her stage name, a display of her love for sweets and anime, she peeked above the underground New Jersey scene and now reaches club/dance fans across the globe.

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