Kid Prexy’s “In My Head” is rock meets pop punk at its best

Oklahoma based multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Kid Prexy has just unleashed his latest rock single and video. The teen is only 15 and is already attracting must deserved attention from around the globe for his passionate musical releases.

Called “In My Head”, the single was produced by Grammy-nominated Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft who has worked alongside massive talents including Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker. “In My Head” chronicles the intense feelings of heartbreaks and the emotional ups and downs found when falling in love. With lush acoustic guitars under chugging power chords and Kid Prexy’s explosive vocals, “In My Head” is pop punk bliss. Kid Prexy is so talented and infuses rock, pop, and punk for an enthralling musical story. The music video showcases the teen performing various instruments including bass, guitar and drums, showing just what a musical prodigy he is.

Kid Prexy began playing in a band at the young age of eight. Since then, he has released numerous musical releases and continues to impress. With more music in the works, we can’t wait to hear what is in store from this prolific teen.


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