Robert PM and Lyric Christian join together for the thrilling “Hands Off (My Crown)”

Producer, artist and label head Robert PM and model, singer and songwriter Lyric Christian have teamed up for a dance pop feel-good single. The track is called “Hands Off (My Crown)” and it is filled with empowering lyrics over lush house beats.

“Hands Off (My Crown)” is all about embracing your own sex appeal and confidence and showing to the world what a wonderful and amazing person you are. We all need a little pick me up from time to time and “Hands Off (My Crown)” is the perfect uplifting anthem to sing out loud. Lyric Christian has been able to captivate listeners with every note with her soulful vocals while Robert PM’s atmospheric production is top notch.

Both artists live and reside in New York and bring together different elements making “Hands Off (My Crown)” a much loved electronic pop banger.

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