Rutherford Royal shares new single and EP “Bleak”

Nashville based multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter Rutherford Royal has just shared his latest EP. Called Bleak, the six song EP is the debut release from the artist who is also apart of popular funk pop duo Poster Child.

Bleak is a collection of songs that are all about the many misunderstandings and difficult emotions found in falling in love. The autobiographical narrative is a snapshot describing, “times when I have felt lost in the liminal spaces of bachelorhood or failing relationships. Though the lyrics take plenty of artistic liberties, the songs themselves are true experiences which serve as a record of my personal struggle to connect,” confides Rutherford Royal.  Standout track “Back Burner” features enticing guitars and layered melodies. The song profiles the experience of feeling like someone’s second choice in a relationship, a highly relatable narrative for almost all of us at one point in our life or another.

With “Keep It Between Us”, Rutherford Royal again shares a single about feeling swept aside, looking for a deeper connection with someone who is commitment weary. Though he sings that is he is ok with a lack of labels within the relationship, the listener hears the yearning in his vocals to where he really wants something more. Decadent lush melodies overlay steady drums and a hooky guitar riff for an interesting and enjoyable listen. The title track “Bleak” is another highlight with Rutherford Royal singing alongside a soulful female singer rich harmonies that are cathartic and enticing.

Rutherford Royal crafted the EP in his remote cabin studio outside of Nashville that overlooks a hidden waterfall. His indie and dark Americana penetrates listeners with every note. Check out the new EP now.

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