Alma Mater show “Mercy” in new single and lyric video

Oregon musical duo Alma Mater has just shared their second single off of their upcoming debut full-length album. The song is named “Mercy” and it follows their indie folk pop hit “Fading Moon”.

“Mercy” is a happy and fulfilling narrative of showing love, compassion and forgiveness. Sometimes life is hard and it is easy to slip into prideful behavior. Alma Mater strives to show patience and empathy and “Mercy” is a reminder to do just that. The song features lush folk rhythms and peaceful melodies for a serene lullaby of emotion. The visuals show members Dirk Sullivan and Andrew Paul Woodworth dancing behind lyrics.

Alma Mater ia a joyful musical collaboration based out of Oregon. The folk rock twosome also incorporates elements of pop for a soulful catalogue of irresistible musical releases.

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