The New Division evaluate “Modern Life” in new single and visuals

Synth pop powerhouse The New Division is back with a darkly intoxicating musical affair. Called “Modern Life”, the song is off of their latest album of the same name.

“Modern Life” is a thrilling song full of musical intricacies. Striking synths, moody bass and distorted vocals singing elevated and catchy melodies pull the listener in with every note. The New Division is a staple in the electronic and synth pop scene and with “Modern Life”, listeners once again understand why. Thematically, the track discusses the disastrous effects of technology addiction and the isolation many of us have experienced in this new world. The visuals are a kaleidoscopic vision of different eye catching graphic art mirroring the theme of computers in the modern world.

The New Division was formed by talented singer, songwriter, musician, engineer and producer John Kunkel. The California based creative began making music at the young age of 18 and has never looked back. Add “Modern Life” to your playlist now and enjoy the ride.

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