Nat Vazer shares gorgeous new single “Addicted To Misery”

Australia’s Nat Vazer has shared a new single and music video for a relatable anthem for anyone going through a tough time. The track is called “Addicted To Misery” and is the latest off of her upcoming second album coming out later this year.

Sweeping sonics of electric guitar picking, melancholic rich vocals and steady bass thrill in this indie pop single all about dealing with the difficulties in life. Nat shares that the song is “a portrait of a time of feeling low, explored through a conversational journey. It’s about feeling powerless to help the one you love and the sense of spiraling through that feeling.”

The authentic and emotional songwriter writes raw songs full of fervor and grace. As a self-taught musician, she has already given to the world a unique body of musical essence with fans across the world loving her confessional indie rock meets dream pop releases.

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