Roskamala embraces her imperfections in “Loving Mess”

Roskamala is a Seattle based artist, creator and innovator via Thailand. She has shared just two singles so far but they are both enthralling and authentic. Her latest release is “Loving Mess” featuring singer Lia Apa.

“Loving Mess” fuses pop music with R&B vocals for an exciting musical dream. Swirling synths and intoxicating beats underlay catchy melodies. Lyrics all about self acceptance and throwing oneself into a love affair despite the emotional risks are deeply relevant and relatable. Roskamala the song’s writer shares, “Loving Mess” was written from acceptance and self-awareness. You are what you think and what if we can surprise ourselves with a new discovery and break the cycles by thinking differently. Seeing our flaws positively. What if we fail 1000 times and 1001st time we succeed? It’s worth failing, isn’t it? Instead of worrying about the future or our issues, the song turns it into a game of love.”

Roskamala is known as an important storyteller and creative who writes authentic songs and produces and writes all her own music videos. “Loving Mess” follows her debut single “Kiss Me Amnesia”, both songs are off of her upcoming EP set for release in late April.

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