From Chaos to Control: How Tapped is Disrupting the Booking Process for Performers

Ilias Anwar, a creative and entrepreneur in the entertainment world, and Johannes Naylor, an entrepreneur in the tech industry, have come together to create a unique platform for performers. Their goal is to develop a networking tool similar to LinkedIn, specifically designed for professionals in the entertainment industry.

Anwar and Naylor crossed paths two years ago when Johannes invited Ilias to appear on his startup podcast. During their conversation, they discussed “In The Loop,” which was Johannes’ first startup – essentially a TikTok for beats. After the podcast, Ilias shared how they could expand the idea and solve some of the problems that he and his peers were facing in the entertainment industry. Their shared interest in developing platforms that connect professionals led to further discussions. They didn’t speak for a couple of months, and then one day, Ilias received a call from Johannes asking if he wanted to work on the idea they had talked about previously, since “In The Loop” was taking a hiatus as all their developers moved on to higher-paying jobs. This conversation led to the idea of creating a networking platform tailored for performers, allowing them to connect with others in their field, secure bookings, and collaborate on projects. Tapped aims to provide a safe, efficient booking platform similar to what Uber and Airbnb did for taxis and apartments.

One of the main reasons a platform like this has not been created yet is the difficulty in striking the right balance between technology and the specific needs of the entertainment industry. Some platforms developed by tech experts may be too complex, making them out of touch with entertainment professionals. On the other hand, platforms created by individuals within the entertainment industry may lack the structure and scalability necessary to attract investment.

Johannes and Ilias bring the perfect blend, creating a fine line that satisfies both the technological and entertainment requirements. Ilias and Johannes both went on to quit their six-figure jobs and focus on this project full-time. Their dedication has paid off, as their platform has gained over 400 users in the last month alone, nearing a total of 1,000 users since its inception.

To bring their vision to life, Anwar and Naylor are raising $3.7 million in funds this summer. The capital will be used to grow the platform and improve its features, ensuring it meets the unique needs of professionals in the entertainment industry. As part of their expansion plans, the pair will be moving to New York to establish their headquarters in a city renowned for its thriving entertainment scene.

Both entrepreneurs have experience, as they each have one startup under their belt. Ilias Anwar is the founder of TCC Entertainment, a media company that reaches over 85 million views annually on all platforms. On the other hand, Johannes Naylor created “In the Loop,” a TikTok-inspired app for music producers to discover and connect with their peers.

Johannes Naylor’s strong foundation in the tech world can be traced back to his academic background. He holds a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and ML, which has undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping his innovative mindset and approach to solving problems within the industry.

Together, Anwar and Naylor aim to merge their expertise in entertainment and tech to create a valuable networking tool for performers, helping them navigate the competitive landscape of the industry.

To be a part of the momentum and get early access to the app, sign up on the waitlist here:

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