Bella Dose shares new banger “Manifest”

The world’s first and only bilingual all girl group Bella Dose returns with an irresistible musical offering. The song is called “Manifest” and it is the latest single off of their forthcoming EP.

“Manifest” is a positive and upbeat single all about how we can bring good things into our lives by manifesting our own future. From love, success, health and more, Bella Dose shows the world that an optimistic and happy existence brings joy and abundance. The song is a true musical gift, complete with the ladies phenomenal vocals, soul-stirring lyrics and joyous melodies. Tropical-dipped beats and layered rhythms combine elements of pop, electronic, Reggae and Latin sounds for a must listen.

Bella Dose has exploded in popularity in the last few months. From their viral TIKTOK moments to their celebrity fans including Shakira and Rosalia, the ladies are set to make their mark in the music industry. The girl group is also performing across the states and is even playing before the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami. Check out “Manifest” now and build a better future with Bella Dose!

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