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Emperors Night emerges with debut EP ‘Driving At Pace’ and official music video for title track

The wait is finally over as the New Zealand-born, Toronto-based band Emperors Night has released their official debut EP Driving At Pace. The 5-song project from the trio of rocking brothers also comes with an official music video for their introductory title track “Driving At Pace.” The rock project is heavily influenced by their time in Toronto, after leaving everything from their little corner of the world in Australia behind to begin pursuing their dreams and sharing their talents and passions with audiences all over the world. With the unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances this year, the brothers made the best of their situation and began working diligently on their project. Emperors Night’s signature sound of powerful vocals, distorted guitars mixed with introspective lyrics and tumbling pianos creates a unique sound that makes you want to let loose and rock on.

Listen to the Driving At Pace EP here:

Emperors Night is composed of the three Chalmers brothers: Anand (guitars, production), Bud (vocals, piano) and Dhyan (vocals, bass). Through the debut EP, the brother’s pay homage to Toronto. As the band puts it, “Each of these five songs is special to us in their own way, and we’re eager to give people the chance to explore them all. Toronto has been so good to us over this strange period in time, and we’re happy to represent the city via the music we have recorded here.” The music video pushes this theme even further. The band shares that, “The accompanying music video for ‘Driving At Pace’ shows off Toronto from some of our favorite angles and is our thank you to the city for embracing three brothers from New Zealand this past year.” With a more hopeful outlook for 2021, we hope to hear more from Emperors Night, both on streaming platforms and in live shows!

Check out the video for “Driving At Pace”:

Download/stream Driving At Pace: and follow Emperors Night on Instagram @emperorsnight

‘Driving At Pace’ EP cover art

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