Moxi Reminds Us Of The Complexity Of Ourselves in “Blame It”

Southern California duo Moxi creates electronic-tinged dark pop that resonates with the soul. Detailing themes of love, mental illness, self-growth and more, the two create a distinct blend of pop that is rarely heard in today’s musical landscape. Their latest single is entitled “Blame It” and it is all about the chaos that is inside our minds. For Anna Toy, the lead singer of Moxi, that chaos includes self sabotage ideas and doubt but also beautiful things including a thirst for fun and acceptance. Sonically, the track soars with sprinkling synths, downtempo electronic beats and layered vocals, creating both a poignant and infectious release.

Moxi started creating music in 2013 and have been releasing singles ever since. The duo are husband and wife and their musical partnership thrives. They are able to transcend genres and create captivating material that is also thought provoking.

Take a listen to “Blame It” and look deep inside your mind, you might be surprised on what you may find.

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