Burning Pools Create An Enthralling Feminist Anthem With “Woman”

Los Angeles based Burning Pools create infectious and raucous rock n’ roll. The trio is a who’s who of musicians who have performed with the likes of Taylor Swift, Smashing Pumpkins, Gwen Stefani and more. The new project just created this year, highlights band led Ginger Pooley’s emotive vocals and poignant lyrics. Discussing topics such as social inequality, greed and more, Burning Pools have brought back heavy rock to the masses.

Their latest single and accompanying video is entitled “Woman” and features hard-hitting drums, echoing vocals and a catchy as hell alt rock riff. The single is all about empowerment but also about the insane pressure society puts on women to do it all. The band’s own Ginger Pooley, knows this struggle all too well. Right after giving birth to her own daughter, she had to plan the funeral of her mother, as the men in the family were not up to the task. Women are expected to do so much in society from caring for others, to running the family, and also working, its a lot and Burning Pools so gracefully shows this in their latest track.

“Woman” is the third single off of their upcoming EP and the band also released a video to accompany the single. The visuals show a young woman running through the wilderness who is “innocent, open hearted, joyful and full of wonder, power and magic”.

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