D Prime – Forever In A Day | EP

Philadelphia lyricist D Prime 215 arrives with his newest release “Forever In A Day.”
“Forever In A Day” is Prime’s 3rd EP, and on this one he dives into his personality.
Prime speaks on what got him into Hip Hop, Philadelphia, Tragedy, and Growth.

“Forever In A Day” features production from J. DePina (Neek The Exotic), Mute Won (Apollo Ali, Ill Conscious, Left Lane Didon), Johann Sebastian (Truck North of the Roots), and Hezekiah (Beat Society, Freeway, Bilal, Blu).

The Featured Artists on “Forever In A Day” are DJ Soulbuck (Beatminerz Radio), Mike Voss, Stevie Franks, AIME & M11SON.

Prime represents Philadelphia how he sees it, the good, bad, and authentic.
Plus he speaks on how his life experiences shaped him and influenced his way of thinking.
The approach is traditional, but the application is modern and in his own one of a kind way.

Forever In A Day.

Check out the EP and grab your copy below.


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