Boon Delivers Emotional and Diverse single “Can’t Be Love”

Nashville based alt-pop artist Boon just dropped “Can’t Be Love” and the track is pure fire. Best known for his infectious melodies, bold-vocals, and ability to craft songs that push sonic boundaries, “Can’t Be Love” is just another example of Boon’s emerging musical talent.

“Can’t Be Love” is a finely tuned blend of dark pop, southern trap, and rock infused soundscapes that Boon conjures up with ease. The track is an exploration of the feelings associated with toxic relationships, disenchantment, and young love seen through the lens of Boon’s psyche. The song gives the listener the ultimate pull and push effect –  the music hits your chest and forces you to dive deeper and confront the things you’ve been hiding inside for way too long.

Multi-talented Boon is an 18-year-old writer, singer, mixer, producer, master and director. His father, being Carrie Underwood’s lead guitarist, introduced Boon into the music industry at a young age and he’s been shaking things up ever since.

“Can’t Be Love” is just a small taste of Boon’s fusion of experimental styles

Check out the sizzling new track here:

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