Seth Glier thinks to the future in “The Coronation”

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Seth Glier has been gracing us with his artistry and storytelling for over a decade now, performing alongside renowned musicians such as James Taylor, Ani DeFranco, and Martin Sexton, and also releasing six studio albums.

Now Seth has returned with a fresh perspective and an important and timely message about the future of our humanity. Entitled “The Coronation” the artist’s new single is from his forthcoming album and express the need to come together as a human race, taking the proper steps to heal the world and ensuring a brighter future for the generations to come.

In “The Coronation,” Seth brings together an eclectic mix of instrumentation, ranging from tender acoustic guitar, aerial synths, and Vietnamese Đàn bầu and Viola Da Gamba to evoke and inspire the power of unity. This hopeful and uplifting song couldn’t have arrived at a better time given the current state of affairs. Seth confides, “for most of my adult life, I’ve held the belief that humanity is right around the corner from something transformative. If we could only see that our separateness is an illusion, then a future of global cooperation and interdependence would be undeniable.

After much thoughtful introspection over the pandemic, Seth shines a bright light on what perspectives and ideals he holds most important in this life.

Check out Seth Glier’s new single for “The Coronation” here

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