Moxi finds bliss in “Back to Me”

Los Angeles based wife and husband duo Moxi crafts interesting and provocative indie electronic meets pop releases. Their latest unveiling is the soaring new single “Back to Me”. The track details singer Anna Toy’s connection with meditation and how the practice has transformed her life for the better. She confides, “A few years ago I started getting really into meditation.  It helped so much with my anxiety and depression as well as with my overall outlook on life and the world.  I wanted to write a song that embodied how I feel when I’m in a meditative state.  The highest version of me, where I’m filled with light, connected to the earth and space simultaneously.  The version of me that fully embraces my uniqueness, embraces my primal creativity, and knows her power.”

With floating and impressive vocals and intricate synths, “Back to Me” is a unique exploration of sound. In the accompanying visuals, the duo are seen performing on top of a Los Angeles rooftop as the sun sets. The enthralling performance only adds to the enticing and important narrative.

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