SaintAhmad drops provocative dance anthem “Slow”

Brooklyn based cloud hop meets R&B artist SaintAhmad just released his new single and video for “Slow.” The artist, who is known for his fresh experimental sounds and bold performances, has an intoxicating way of grabbing fans by their core and shaking them out of their comfort zone.

In his latest single and visuals for “Slow, ” SaintAhmad showcases his freedom, sexiness, and raw talent for dancing. SaintAhmad confides, “With every record that I work on I want to touch on the fact that I am multifaceted and capable of so much. I currently work as a go-go dancer at Q-Club in Hell’s Kitchen New York and It’s my dream job. Every night I’m there I get to feel sexy, make money and entertain the crowd. I really wanted to express that on this record and even create a strip club in the video, which was filmed in the living room of my apartment. ‘Slow’ is a stripper anthem that you hear at the club around 2 am when you’re lit and feeling yourself. You get to shake ya ass and even make some cash!” Featuring smooth vocals, rich melodic runs and hypnotic flow, the song and video will have you feeling like the baddest in the room in no time.

SaintAhmad is a Brooklyn-based artist who melds avant-garde aesthetics with celebrated throwback hip hop elements for a most unique and enjoyable musical experience.  Inspired by romance, his music is thematically about love, sex, and everything in between where he masterfully shares the “fantasies that ruminate in his head.”

Check out SaintAhmad’s “Slow” Here:

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