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OSP step up to the plate again for hard hitter ‘Fill It Up’

Just last month, we gave you the lowdown on UK hip-hop collective OSP (aka Only Speak Positive) via dynamic new track ‘Breathe’. Now, the four creatives Esa Kwame (rapper, beat maker), J Blackz (rapper, singer-songwriter, beat maker), Silqe (rapper, beat maker), and Subject (producer, engineer) are back with ‘Fill It Up’. In contrast to their last release, this new one is coming in harder with biting verses and sharper-edged beats. There’s plenty of UK flavour here, with the trap-infused beatwork and bitesize rap lyrics familiar to artists like Aitch and Bugzy Malone.

Keep the good energy high, keep the bad energy low, and keep your glass full,” according to OSP, it’s as simple as that.

In short, it’s uncompromising, not because there’s no room to grown, but in keeping with OSP’s mantra, there’s no time for negativity.



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