Caitlynne Curtis pays tribute to her son in “I Will Survive”

Nashville based pop artist Caitlynne Curtis just dropped her new single and video for “I Will Survive”.  The talented singer / songwriter is known for her infectious pop anthems drenched in Southern flavor and her knack for heartfelt, authentic storytelling that makes for a most engaging musical experience. 

In “I Will Survive”, Caitlynne tells the touching story of becoming a mother and having to leave her old life behind to nurture a new one. Sacrifice, responsibility, and strength are some of the immediate takeaways from the song, and instantly you realize that women can really do it all. Showcasing the artist’s stunning vocal breadth complete with a sing-a-long chorus, masterful pop production, and lyrics that provide a glimpse into the resilient and determined woman that Caitlynne is, the song is an immediate favorite and sits on my list of top songs celebrating women. Caitlynne further confides, 

 “I would say it’s about my son who showed me I have more to live for than I thought and I’m so thankful for him showing me what a life of happiness is.”

Caitlynne Curtis is currently signed to Angels & Outlaws, a label under acclaimed rapper Struggle Jennings. “I Will Survive” is a glimpse into what’s to come this year from the artist, who has much more music on the way and who is currently on tour with A Killer’s Confession, Struggle Jennings, & Brianna Harness as part of the Angels & Outlaws Tour.


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