Loud Forest shares heartfelt new video and song “Easy To Love”

Husband and wife songwriting duo Loud Forest create intoxicating and relatable musical releases. Their latest single and accompanying video is entitled “Easy To Love” and is about having the courage and strength to let loved ones in and see your true self. Rachel of the band confides, “I’ve spent a lot of years with a hard heart, trying to be strong and power through. Through my own journey of motherhood and growing, therapy and working through love, I’ve had to really do the hard work of mending this hard heart, learning to listen and let my heart guide how I think and feel. This is not an easy road, but it’s been the best and most beautiful path to working toward a tender heart.”

With emotive folk soundscapes filled with acoustic blues guitar riffs and delicate layered vocals, “Easy To Love” is an introspective and tranquil letter of love and honesty. Infectious melodies and honest lyrics make the track one to remember, so sit back and enjoy some Loud Forest.


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