Sir Will Shares “Moment Of Truth” Video Sharing JudgeDaBoss

Arizona rapper Sir Will just dropped his new video for “Moment Of Truth” featuring JudgeDaBoss. The artist, who is originally from Compton, California, is showcasing himself as an artist who can effortlessly fuse musical styles for a fluid listening experience that resonates with hip hop fans everywhere. “I’m from the West Coast, so you will be able to hear that in my slang, the way I talk. But I want you to hear the East Coast lyricism, all the way to that South bounce. I want to be able to deliver it from all areas like it’s never been done before, ” he adds. 

In “Moment of Truth”, the song is about the comeback, and hitting the ground running after pushing through the hard times. Produced by Pandora Nightz,

 the song is a mix of nostalgia and stamina. The video was inspired by 2pac & Dr. Dre’s “California Love” and features Sir Will and JudgeDaBoss living it up in the desert, celebrating their success. Since 2021, Sir Will has released a series of infectious hip hop and R&B singles under his label, Will Do It Entertainment. According to Will, 

“The message is simple – I’m here to create great music and deliver it from the perspective of someone who came from nothing and who has seen success before all the music and fame.” 

Check out Sir Will’s new video for “Moment Of Truth” .


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