KiKi Holli shares “It’s Chemical” off of debut EP

Performer, singer and songwriter extraordinaire KiKi Holli has just shared her latest single off of her debut EP. Called “It’s Chemical”, the discoi-infused good time is the perfect highlight of her six track EP. –

KiKi’s soaring soulful vocals singing charismatic melodies over funk-fueled guitar riffs and dance pop lancescapes make “It’s Chemical” a standout track full of exuberance. The song is all about that intense feeling of falling in lust with someone and all the chemicals that rush through our brain and body when that happens. 

KiKi Holli is known for her strong vocal prowess and authentic songwriting. Her just released EP CHEMICAL LOVE is a six song journey of hope, love, loss and healing. Collaborating with industry heavy hitters including acclaimed producer Ethan Allen and a bevy of positive reviews, KiKi Holli is an artist to watch. 


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