Flyana Boss Kicks the Holiday Season Into High Gear on “Jingle Dem Bells”

Flyana Boss is a hip hop duo made up of best friends Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede. Since meeting at music school, Flyana Boss has released playful, female-empowering anthems that speak to their generation with sassy and fun-loving banter. For the holidays, Flyana Boss urges everyone to make the most of the season on their single “Jingle Dem Bells.” Written about emerging as the center of attention at whatever holiday inspired function you might find yourself at, “Jingle Dem Bells” reminds us all to stay merry and light. 

The single features comedic bits between the two best friends as interludes, sleighbell inspired beats, and confident vocals as Flyana Boss walks us through their favorite time of the year. The lyrics are chalk full of witty plays on Christmas classics including: “Hot like chocolate, call me Swiss Miss.” “Jingle Dem Bells” is an ode to those who make an entrance at holiday parties or stir up unexpected drama at the dinner table. Flyana Boss admits, “No matter who it is; It could be you, your bestie or your cousin. Doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, fly or a boss. Every year someone’s gotta jingle dem bells.” A redefined holiday classic with a flair for the dramatic, “Jingle Dem Bells” is an overindulgent, hip hop anthem that is certain to ring in the season. 

Flyana Boss uses their foundational relationship as best friends to enhance the depth, humor, and joy that is inherently a part of all their music. After meeting in Los Angeles, the two have soared to new heights as they continue to produce anthems that make people smile and ignite the hip hop scene.

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