Party Nails and Boy Sim create dance pop bop with “Like U”

The feel-good song of the year is here courtesy of Party Nails and Boy Sim. The two have teamed up for an invigorating and colorful pop anthem called “Like U”.

“Like U” is all “about how the best love and support is from people who want you to shine as bright as possible”, confides Party Nails. “You can be iconic and true to yourself and also full of love for others,” she further foretells. That positive message is a much needed narration and Party Nails and Boy Sim have crafted the perfect love and appreciative anthem. Musically, “Like U” is a dance-dipped uptempo pop banger complete with shiny synths and charismatic melodies.

Party Nails is a Los Angeles based artist, producer, musician, songwriter and engineer who has built a solid career with her left-of-center pop music and thrilling live shows. Boy Sim is a rising artist from Austin who has found success with his pop anthems and opening for the likes of Charli XCX and Dorian Electra.

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