Natisa Gogol shares breathtakingly beautiful “Wind Of Hope”

Ukrainian powerhouse singer/songwriter Natisa Gogol has just shared a stunning and important song for healing. Called “Wind Of Hope”, the new song is an anthem for hope in the darkest of times.

“Wind Of Hope” was inspired by the terrifying experience Natisa had of having to flee in the middle of the night with her son to safety when Russia invaded Ukraine. The song is courageous though, showing the triumphant power and hope found in Ukrainian people and the resilience they continue to show to the world. Natisa emotionally sings, “Love will rescue us / Ukraine is in our hearts.” Natisa’s gorgeous soaring vocals are a highlight for the single. Lush moody string arrangements and striking piano underlay captivating vocals for a must listen.

For “Wind Of Hope” Natisa teamed up with US born and Prague residing songwriter and musician Gregory Darling. The two have managed to create one of the most awe inspiring musical releases in years. With more music in the works from these two, we can excited to hear what is next.


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