Stefano May Releases An Acoustic Version of “We Are The Power” to Heal, Uplift, and Spread Warmth Over the Holiday Season 

Stefano May was born in Soveria Mannelli, Italy where he first developed his sense for music before moving to Miami to pursue his dream of becoming a pianist and vocalist. His songs center around emotive, uplifting themes that have inspired listeners through powerful vocals and heartwarming lyrics. The newly released acoustic version of his single “We Are The Power” is a refined take on Stefano’s meaningful anthem that builds authenticity through an intimate setting and genuine display of passion. 

The acoustic version of “We Are The Power” uses mellow acoustics, warm and grounded notes of piano, and inviting vocals to cultivate an atmosphere of familiarity and comfort. Filmed in a cozy living room setting, Stefano plays the keyboard alongside his longtime collaborator and acclaimed guitarist Nikola Stajic. The lyrics of “We Are The Power” were written about the grit humanity has to overcome obstacles and uplift each other during hard times. On his acoustic version, Stefano leans into the meaning of deep connection that can be shared through emotive art and profound performance. 

Stefano May is an LGBTQ+ artist who is based in Miami. He is an advocate for social causes such as Alzheimer’s awareness and uses his music to heal those experiencing hard times. He first met the esteemed producer Chico Bennett in 2019 who helped him find his footing as the groundbreaking vocalist he is today.

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